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Shrink your travel camera kit with Snapzoom

Erin Lodi

We encourage you to try traveling light this season by ditching your heavy DSLR and zoom lenses in favor of the ultimate in on-the-go photography with big reach: Your smartphone, Snapzoom and binoculars.

We recently put Snapzoom to the travel test by shooting our Paris vacation with just Snapzoom, an iPhone 6 plus and a pair of Bushnell binoculars.

Our results show just how powerful this simple, lightweight set up can be: we were able to get closer than even a standard telephoto lens could to major tourist attractions like the Arc de Triomphe and the Sacré-Coeur.

We also brought along a 10X plastic loupe for some fun macro photography shots of one of our favorite Parisian treats: macarons!

The proof is in the pictures: because Snapzoom harnesses optical zoom, not digital (which results in lower picture quality and grainier images), our Paris snapshots show high-quality telephoto and macro images from our trip.

Snapzoom is available for $75 through Amazon. Unlike other smartphone accessories that may require constant upgrades, Snapzoom is built to fit a wide range of optics and devices. Snapzoom is compatible with any smartphone up to 3.67in. (93mm) wide, and nearly 1in. (23mm) thick — with or without a case. It works with all your favorite apps that use the rear camera.