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Introducing the Snapzoom universal binocular tripod mount


The Snapzoom universal binocular tripod mount is the easiest and most stable way to mount binoculars on a tripod. It's the perfect accessory to shoot steady videos with the Snapzoom digiscoping adapter. Buy it here!

We've made some small but significant changes to the 2016 Snapzoom adapter. Based on your feedback we made the adapter  easier to pair with larger phone and smaller eyepieces. 

  • Now even better suited for larger phones like iPhone 6/6s Plus, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+, and Galaxy Note 5. 
  • Now better suited for compact binoculars, and smaller microscope eyepieces from 0.91 - 2.17 inches (23-55mm)
  • Updated counterweight ball is better suited for the weight of larger phones.
  • New utility bag to hold everything so you're always ready to shoot!

Use binoculars as a telephoto lens

Smartphone cameras are awesome, but their tiny lenses only zoom digitally. Digital zooming only increases pixel size, not the amount of pixels, and the resulting images lack detail and clarity. The Snapzoom adapter provides nearly unlimited optical zoom capabilities by securing a variety of high-quality optics directly to your smartphone.

Now you can capture and share images of distant planets down to microorganisms in stunning detail.

Note: High magnification optics will require stability to minimize shake and blur. Therefore we highly recommend using a tripod or stable surface. The quality of the images is also directly affected by the lighting, the quality of the optics, and capabilities of the smartphone. 

Will Snapzoom work with my stuff?

  • Now even better suited for larger phones like iPhone 6/6s Plus, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Galaxy Note 5. Still compatible with any smartphone up to 3.67 inches (93mm) wide, and 0.79 inches (23mm) thick - with or without a case.
  • Now better suited for compact binoculars and smaller microscope eyepieces. Eyepiece jaw accepts any eyepiece with an outside diameter between 0.91 - 2.17 inches (23-55mm) wide, and a minimum 1inch (25mm) in height.
  • Snapzoom is designed to hold the phone in landscape filming position for easier to watch videos on computer screens and TVs. Updated counterweight ball is better suited for larger phones.
  • Snapzoom works with all standard and third party camera apps that use the rear camera. The camera retains all of its functions, including autofocus, auto exposure, and face recognition.

A quick overview of how to customize and pair the Snapzoom adapter with your equipment. More info at

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