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Use binoculars as a telephoto lens

Smartphones can produce amazing wide angle images, but they struggle with long distance subjects. Their tiny fixed lenses can only zoom digitally, and the images end up lacking clarity and detail.

Snapzoom gives you the ability to use binoculars, spotting scopes, telescopes and microscopes as accessory lenses. These devices use high quality glass lenses to increase the power of the smartphone's camera, and produce rich, tack-sharp macro and telephoto images.

Get up close with Snapzoom!

Will Snapzoom work with my stuff?

  • With or without a case, Snapzoom is compatible with any smartphone up to 3.67in. (93mm) wide, and nearly 1in. (23mm) thick.
  • Snapzoom works with a wide variety of optics and accepts any eyepiece with an outside diameter of 1.18in. (30mm) - 2.17in. (55mm) wide, and a min. 1in. (25mm) in height. *Snapzoom is not compatible with rifle scopes.
  • Snapzoom is designed to attach to both binocular eyepieces for a stronger less stressful connection. This unique feature, along with the counter-weight accessory, keeps the phone in the “landscape” filming position for easier to watch videos.
  • Snapzoom works with all standard and third party camera apps that use the rear camera. The camera retains all of its functions, including autofocus, auto exposure, and face recognition.

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