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Snapzoom. Clamp it, create your view, and capture an angle you never knew existed- all from the screen of your smartphone. This nifty smartphone-to-scope adapter is universal, and the applications are endless.

Seriously. From long distance photography to night sky stargazing to feeling right there in the line-up with your favorite surfers, Snapzoom is a cinch. It opens up never-before-seen points of view through your smartphone screen. Are you ready for a new perspective?

Thank you to all our Kickstarter backers, we couldn’t have done it without you!
— Daniel and Mac

Works with Any Smartphone...

Works with iPhone or Android even the Galaxy Note bigscreen TV / Smartphone Mashup! Just slide the phone in the Snapzoom and you’re ready to shoot and share photos instantly.


Engadget's Insert Coin Competition

“Snapzoom beat out 140 entries to be selected as a finalists in Engadget's first-annual Insert Coin: New Challengers competition.”



Meet the inventors of Snapzoom Universal Adaptor.

Snapzoom was invented February 2012. The two founders have been on a mission to get this product in the hands of photo enthusiast.



Daniel Fujikake

Daniel is born and raised in Honolulu and is a full-time stay at home dad of twins. He loves spending time with his family and also enjoys surfing the warm waters of Waikiki, photography, and playing music. His background in surfing and photography is what inspired the blend of the two, leading to the invention of Snapzoom.



Mac Nguyen

Mac was born in Vietnam and raised in Honolulu. A jack-of-all-trades, Mac’s favorite hobbies are surfing, cooking, and working on his hot rod. His passion for surfing and frequent sessions with Daniel eventually inspired him to co-design the product Snapzoom.


Shawn "Doc" Boyd

Doc was born in Washington D.C. and came to Honolulu three decades ago. Doc is a bonafide "Swiss Army Nerd" and "Social Butterfly". Doc loves music, tea, saké, photography and videography. Doc joined Snapzoom to convert the passions of Daniel and Mac into pixels and code.



Day 2 of the Reef Hawaiian Pro '13 shot with a Snapzoom, Canon 18x50 IS binoculars and a iPhone 5s. Check us out at snapzooms.com.

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