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Using a tripod with Snapzoom

Erin Lodi

A tripod adds stability to your photography, no matter which camera you’re using. Digiscoping allows for extreme magnification and closer access to your subjects, but also magnifies any vibration impact.

A simple velcro strap can help secure your Snapzoom set up to a tripod. We like this one from Bushnell. 

We recommend using a tripod with Snapzoom to improve your image quality and sharpness. If you’ve never mounted binoculars to a tripod, this video demonstrates how using a special mount, while this video demonstrates how to DIY it.

Amongst the benefits of phonescoping with Snapzoom is the convenience of shooting on the go, with the camera that’s always with you. You don’t need a full-sized tripod to support Snapzoom and a good pair of binoculars, either: micro tripods like the Gorillapod might be just the ticket if you need to keep your kit especially light on a hike.

To get the most out of your tripod, no matter its size, keep it lower to the ground and wide set for more stability.